Advice please.

So i really like a friend of mine, but he has a gf. He is in the marines & she isnt the best gf ( she is cheating on him) but he isnt the thpe to dump someone over the phone. Anyways, a couple day after my 16th birthday he told me that he would date me if he didnt have a girlfriend, when i asked him why he was telling me this & he said he was drunk & speaking the truth. & he came home for the weekend. && he told me it took him a week to decide how he wanted to surprise me. He only texted his gf and told her he was home & he never saw her. I just don't know if he likes me or how be feels. My best friend thinks he likes me because she says "drunken minds speak sober thoughts" any advice on what I should do? How do yall think he feels?