So I can't shake the feeling of being annoyed with my mom... I don't really know why but I think it's because she thinks she knows best and always has "advice" or suggestions for me and I know I'm doing a great job at being a mother. It's just that EVERYTHING she does annoys me... she wants to see her grandchild, I get it. But she texts me and says "I hope you're having a good day" (which she never did before I had the baby) but I know she wants me to ask her to come over to see the baby. She also came by to watch my child while my husband and I went to supper. My child is exclusively breastfed and I have a small storage of milk in the freezer but want to save as much as I can for when I go back to work. I asked my mom to call me before she fed her because we didn't plan on being gone long enough for her to need to eat. I came in the door to my mom feeding my baby and she never called me!!! I'm a little pissed about wasting that milk, but more pissed that my mom didn't listen to my wishes. We were 5 minutes away when she started feeding her/getting milk ready. I feel like she just wanted to give her a bottle and that makes me even more angry. 
I've been talking to my counselor about this but I can't seem to get past the feeling...
I don't WANT to feel this way toward my mom.. I feel guilty and feel bad because I know someday I won't have her. I just don't know really what's causing this bitterness. Any advice??