Very irregular sometimes absent af


Hi everyone! I have a quick question to anyone with the time to answer..

So I have very irregular sometimes even absent af which will sometimes be absent for whole cycles at a time, ive been having the absolute hardest time conceiving and am starting to lose hope.. Have any of you who have gotten pregnant before been in my boat and still conceived?

I have spoken to a few doctors and even gotten testing and ultrasounds done about my messed up and even absent at times af, and all they had to say about it is that everything looks good I just have a thicker uterine lining due to not getting my period like you normally should. Ive been taking natural herbs and vitamins in hopes that they would help with the lining, any answers and help with what maybe you did to treat this and such would be greatly appreciated! Desperate and at a loss of what more to do..😓😓😓