Struggling with body positivity after a baby


Let me start out by saying that LOVE my almost 3 month old daughter, and LOVE being a mom :)

Its just that after having her, I'm rocking the mom pooch big time. I've always had issues with loving myself, ever since I was a little girl. I grew up chunky, I'm pretty fair complected and I've always turned bright red if I'm embarrassed, angry, etc. I was made fun of do that too. I'm a hairstylist (5 years) and I got into it because I want to help others feel good about themselves but also because if I knew how to change how I looked, I would feel more attractive. I'd know how to cover up my uneven skin, how to draw attention away from something I didn't want people focusing on. And I know that way of thinking isn't healthy. It isn't always this bad, some days are worse than others. Depends on if I'm looking for something nice to wear and I can't fit into something as well as I'd like. My fiance does call me beautiful/sexy.. his sex drive isn't very high anymore so naturally I blame myself that he isn't attracted to me as much as I'd like. In conversation he says that's not the case at all. I can't put it on him though at constantly lift me up when I can't even take his compliments seriously. I'm just so sick and tired of hating myself. How am I supposed to raise my daughter to love herself if I can't leaf by example?

For anyone that's struggled with loving themselves, what helped you? I'm open to books, etc. I do believe in God, but I just feel like this is something I have to make peace with myself. I've gone most my life not feeling confident in my physical self. I don't mean to post to bitch and complain, just looking for advice on how to love my body.

Aaaaand a cute picture of my sweet girl, Poppy, because she's the light in my life 😍