AF or what I think was AF was 5 days late. It really confused me. Started off with cramps but no bleeding.. When the bleeding started it was brownish and red. It wasn't heavy.. Just light bleeding.. Like a light flow.. This is why I thought it was AF coming.. But then later on tht night when I showered I notice no blood.. Still, I just thought AF was starting up and would soon be full force.. Next morning, no blood.. I wore a pad anyway. Mid afternoon, a little bleeding.. Very light bleeding again.. That night, no bleeding, no blood.. Same thing next morning.. I bled lightly off and on for three days. Fourth day, no bleeding but spotting.. Brown and light red almost pink spots.. Fifth day, nothing.. Only cramped the first day of bleeding. 
I've been very fatigued and my appetite has increased.. I'm bloated and my stomach feels funny when I lay a certain way. My husband's appetite and tiredness has increased also. I urinate more frequently.. Family members have also been dreaming off fish and babies. They say it means someone is pregnant. I took two HPTs and they both were negative. I thought about making a drs appointment but that was before I took the HPT.. I'm confused.. I'm I just paranoid and want to conceive to badly or could I possibly be pregnant?  PLEASE HELP