i like this dude brennon i'm friends w so much and it hurts. when i'm around him i don't want him to leave and i dont know if he feels the same way bc were rlly good friends and everything but he does pay for all of my stuff when we go places i dont know if it's bc he's being nice or it's like a date and i wanna ask but i don't want to ruin everything if he doesn't feel the same. we hadn't hung out in a while and the first time we did i went on about how i think relationships are stupid and supposed to lead to marriage and i'm not even ready to get married. i've had one bf and it was 3 years ago and lasted 9 months and i don't think i ever really loved him. but back to the point i'd do anything for this dude. when i'm w him and he has to leave it makes me so sad. but i don't know what to do. like when he lays for my stuff arenthose dates or he's just being nice we haven't kissed or anything i just don't know what to do help me.