did I do something wrong or does he have jealous ways

So my bf has been a bit short with me lately. He's just been giving me one word sentences and I feel like he's mad at me. So Friday he went to a concert with his two best friends. I told him to have a great time and everything was fine. The next day while I was on break from my job, I saw some pics from the concert with him and his friends. As a joke I wrote "your friend is kinda cute😂😂😂". I clearly made it to be a joke but right after that, he kinda changed. I immediately apologized and he said "it's ok just don't talk to him". I just thought why the hell would I? I don't even know him. Ever since then, he's not talking to me a lot and I feel he's mad. I apologized again today to show him I'm serious. All he said was it's whatever. I feel he's a bit of a hypocrite because there have been times where he said some of my friends were cute, he even said my mom was pretty but I never got mad at him. Did I do something or is he just have jealous ways?