what's going on 😫😫

Brittany 🐾
So my period was due 4 days ago (I know that isn't long ago and no I'm not asking if I'm pregnant I'm aware no one can tell me that except my doctor or a test) but the last couple of weeks or so I've been having this watery discharge, like every time I go to the toilet my undies are so wet! It's not sweat, but it's just so weird, and there's no sign of my period, I got minor cramps for like 30 seconds the other day, but other than that nothing. I'm 20 years old, I haven't changed anything in my diet or anything however I did start a new job 3 weeks ago, so do you think maybe my period late due to stress, or is it related to the watery discharge? Has anyone experienced anything similar? Also I am sexually active with my partner and we are currently using the pull out method as I stopped my pill a few months back.