Rude pregnancy comments


Coworker made fun of me in our breakroom in front of her supervisor and another person.

As I am walking in putting my lunch away she goes speaking of stuggling to get pants on.. look at you, you should do something about that. I made a face and said thanks kind of sarcastically and walked out. I can hear her as I am leaving going to the people in there "I'm just talking about her basketball." Another time she told me I was getting huge for how much more time I had left till my due date. I don't mind most comments about my pregnancy or even my size but hers really rub me the wrong way, its like the comments are about my body only and not about the baby at all.

She came over trying to say she wasn't commenting on my weight and it was just the baby and I told her I didn't like it and would appreciate it if she didn't comment on it at all anymore. She kind of had an attitudes about it like I guess I'm not allowed to have feelings now that I am pregnant or something.

:-( :-( :-(