I took my first pregnancy test yesterday at which was either 6/7 dpo. I was super surprised when it came back positive. I took one this morning and positive as well. I will be doing a FRER test this Friday. I'm 3 weeks and 1 day. My first appointment is June 23rd. I haven't told my husband yet. Im thinking about waiting until I get my first ultrasound . We had a premature loss at 20 weeks last September and a early MC in February of this year. I know this is it because so many people have wrote me lately and asked was I pregnant, had dreams and said my baby is coming soon. Also my mother told me to expect a miracle this week and I got my positive. I'm super super excited. My doctors have already put my plan into place last year after we loss our daughter. With this baby we will be getting ultrasounds every 2 weeks and shots every week to keep this baby going πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ˜. Do you ladies think I should tell my husband now or wait until after my first ultrasound?????