Have no idea where to put this.. lol


I need makeup help from you mamas. I suck at finding good colors for my face. I am really really light skinned but have ash brown hair. I look like the girl from twilight as far as my coloring goes...😕. I used to load up on bronzer but I want to find a way to embrace my coloring which is practically transparent lol. Anybody have any idea which colors would look best for me. I've been using Brown on top of my eyelid color but that sometimes looks too dark... I also am sick of caking on bronzer and then sweating and having uneven makeup with white spots tia!

I could use tips on...

Eye shadow color am wearing a light pink with brown on top

Lip color (am not wearing lipstick)

Wearing pink blush but feel it's a little harsh

Am wearing really light nude foundation which matches my skin well...

Also what's best mascara that doesn't clump?

And does the eyebrow pencil I used match my face I suck at this 🙈