Fuuu Idk

My boyfriend, let's call him Mark, is into the hot wife kink, where I fuck other guys. I'm not comfy with it so he had me talk to his best friend, let's say James. Last night I convinced Mark and James to have "fun", only if they were comfortable, I kept saying that. They did and today Mark was feeling "little" so I had him cuddle James. James got horny and made Mark suck his cock, he pretended it was me. James was still hard and I asked both if they would ever fuck, Mark said Idk, James said Idk either, Mark was not comfy, but he wanted to be a "good slut" and even though wasn't ready, James pretty much forced himself inside him, and told him when he gets home, they are roommates, he's gonna fuck him again. Mark has been talking to me all day how he is scared but it's okay cause he's a slut and I'm in tears because I tried making him feel better and said I would do anything to keep him safe and he said I didn't I made him lose his virginity and it hurt. I tried my hardest to Stop James but he wouldn't. I just don't know what to do, neither see anything wrong with it, but I'm just having flashbacks and imagining myself in that situation