tmi sorry just worried

Nicole • I'm 17
Ok sooo..
I've hadvconstipation since I was 7
Now this is been happening for a year now 
My anus itches every night it's horrible. And if i itch it bleeds. I put Vaseline on every night but sometimes it doesn't help. 
When I go number 2 I'm bleeding and it hurts after. When I sit down also itches 
I have an appointment on 26 for my constipaion again. But I'm sick of going to the doctors. Or er all the say is take ur meralx* and I do. But it hurts. What do I do. Plz help. I'm 16 I should be having to deal with this at this age my parents r upset because my medical prob. We're trying to find a place to live but we can't if I'm in the hospitals all the time.