So I finally Broke Down And Went To The Doctor

I've been trying to conceive naturally on my own with my boyfriend for the past 2 years. Obviously with no luck. 🙃. The harder part is pretending to not want kids to my family so they won't know anything was wrong with me. I am just a very private person and most people around me don't have issues with getting pregnant. Most people actually have babies on accident. I figured by now me and him would slip up and have a baby by now, seeing that we quit using condoms after the first year of the 4 years we've been together. I've mainly just left it up to God to bless us with a child when he was ready to. Well I believe God has directed me to the doctor!! It's funny though with the timing because I've mentioned this issue of not being able to conceive to my PCP and he just blew it off because I'm 25 (prime baby making age ) and he seen no concerns and ran just a basic test. But as soon as I seen an OBGYN she was right on it. I actually had did research on a different doctor than her, but when I called forgot her name. But I'm glad because Dr. Warren is wonder. Started seeing her 2 weeks ago and she jumped on the ball!! Ordered my blood work & ultrasound. Had my follow-up appt today. I start Metaformin today. I love the fact that she wasted no time 😍😍. I have been trying so long and have kinda just accepted the fate of not being able to have a child, but now that I am on a new plan I'm just trying to reevaluate if I'm ready or not 😱😳😧. I mean idk even know if this stuff is gonna work or not but this is just a vent. I think God lead me to her for a reason so I think I'm ready to be a mommy and hopefully Dr. Warren gets me there 🙃🙃