How Do I Ask a Guy This?

Sydney • Mommy to one baby girl 🎀
I want to know how to ask this question without sounding desperate or coming across as needy. I know maybe I should refrain from even bringing up the subject, but sometimes you just want to know!
Let me give a little back story... skip to the last paragraph if you don't really want to read it.
Anyways, there's this guy that I work with. We matched on Bumble then started talking to each other at work. At first he came off SUPER strong in person, like he was trying too hard to be cool and flirt with me, and I found it unattractive and it turned me off. But then one day I found it attractive and it made me want him. We kept trying to hang out but then it would just get too late or one of us would get busy. But then finally, maybe after a month or so? We hung out and I went to his place. While I was there he jokingly asked me, "you come here often?" And then asked me if I wanted to start going there often. (That made it seem like he wanted to start seeing more of me.) I said, "I haven't decided yet," because I wasn't sure what to think of him quite yet. But the night went on and we ended up making out. As I left he said, "that's what happens when we wait so long to get together, the tension just kept building up." Or something along those lines. 
But now he doesn't even try to hang out with me anymore. I'm guessing maybe he just wanted to hook up? But he seemed pretty into me before. I really want to ask him why he doesn't try to hang out with me anymore but I don't want to come across as desperate, needy, or obsessive. Is there any way I can ask that question in a way where it doesn't sound that way? I know most of you will probably tell me to forget him and that he just wanted to hook up. But I just really want to know!