controlling boyfriend?

So I have been with my bf for about a week so it's very fresh, but I'm so worried he's controlling me already. He won't let me speak to guys and won't let me see my guy best friends because he doesn't trust them. I was sexually assaulted and taken advantage of when I was drunk a while ago and he knows about it so he says he only doesn't let me see guys because he's "protecting Me" but then we argue all the time about almost everything because he's so over protective and it's suffocating me like I want to be able to make my own mistakes not have him stopping me having experiences all together! He's made me get all my guy friends to message him so he can threaten them and then read my messages between me and the guy friends so he can "trust him". I'm so worried that 1) my bf will always be like this and it will be a controlling relationship or 2) that all my guy friends will decide to push me aside because I'm having to do with my bf is telling me and it's unfair on them. Please help am I overreacting? I'm not sure if he is controlling as I haven't experienced it before and idk much about controlling relationships? He always blames his behaviour on him giving up smoking and being "edgy" but he was always like this. He even tells me I can't see my guy friends one on one cos it's a "date" and tells me I can't "dress sexy" when I go see them.