Virginity Rant

Ladies I've got to rant for a second: 
I've noticed how quickly ladies get pressured when they say that they are waiting to have sex. I know this can go both ways but on this app I've seen mostly non-virgins being pushy with virgins and questioning, pressuring and even being pretty snarky about "why it matters" or it being stupid to wait. It's not your body and not your choice so get stuffed. I don't see many virgins going around asking, "wow does it really NOT mean that much to you?" Because they would get slammed if they said that.. but I've seen it so many times directed at a girl choosing to wait. Waiting does not make you a glowing white Saint and a perfect specimen who is better than everyone else and having sex doesn't make you more enlightened and therefore able to tell other women what they should or shouldn't do. 
What's so hard about respecting other people's choices? It doesn't affect you! Jeez.