I suffered a miscarriage at 7 weeks but didnt know until i was 11 weeks in November. I am now 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I do have my own Doppler. I found the heartbeat yesterday and today so I know baby is still good. I just want to know the chances of getting to 12 weeks at this point. Once I get to 12 weeks I won't worry half as much.. I don't want to tell anyone until I'm 12 weeks although since finding the heartbeat with a Doppler every time I use it I'm very tempted to tell people now.. What are the chances that this pregnancy will go good now since I'm 10 weeks and baby still has a strong heartbeat..?

Ultrasound on march 31st I'm just so impatient and I wanna know what my chances are that this baby will stay healthy and good at this point :) ??