Ugh sex sex sex

Rebecca • Married to my high school sweetheart. Currently have 2 children Xavier Cole and Mariah Nicole.
My husband is driving me crazy with all the sex! First off I am 31 weeks pregnant and never really in the mood here lately. I tell him ok but he ALWAYS wants me on top. I told him it is hard for me to be on top now and he gets mad but he don't want to be on top bc he is too tiered... So I tell him there is other options but he don't want it like that so I say forget it. Then he gets all depressed and upset bc he hasn't had sex. Finally he got on top and yea I was enjoying it but I began to get sick (I have a 48 hour virus) I told him hold on let me breath bc I was about to vomit. And he got upset and moved. I asked him what was wrong and now he mad bc "he wasn't finished" even though he got his twice. I'm getting so annoyed and frustrated bc he always wants more.