Miscarriage Taboo?!

Why are miscarriages so taboo?! Why are we made to think we can't talk about it? Why 6 months later am I not supposed to still show grief? I've been told "it was just a speck" and "it could have been worse it could have been a still birth" or "at least you didn't give birth and then lose the baby". Yes, as a medical professional, I know situations could always be worse. Someone out there has it worse than me in every aspect of my life. But someone please explain to me why the loss of my child is only real and recognized by me? Why is the loss of that life and that possibility I had been hoping and praying for less than because "it could have been worse"? 
1 in 4 women lose a child in their lifetime. 2,000 women a day lose a baby. Over 700,00 women a year lose a baby. Am I alone in feeling silenced? 
I realized how angry I am today as my MIL was talking to me about her low estrogen problems (don't ask. She's an over sharer) and I tell her I've recently suffered from the same issue and it's cause me to not have a cycle. She says (naturally) "I wish I had had that problem back in the day" what I wanted to say was, Well ever since my miscarriage my hormones have been all jacked up. My body can't seem to regulate itself and my hormones are fucked up because of it and as appealing as not having a period sounds it's a real bitch when you're wanting to have a baby. Instead I give a half ass smile, a chuckle and change the subject. 
It seems like every time I get on Facebook someone else is announcing a pregnancy or a birth. I am always happy for them and always supportive but deep down I am jealous. And deep down I am pissed. I am pissed because I lost my child. I am pissed that we've been trying for a year with one pregnancy that ended in a loss. I am pissed because I'm having to take meds to force my cycle so that I may conceive. I am pissed because teens and crack heads seem to pop out babies with ease and I cannot. And I am pissed because I feel forced into silence about it all.