SO isn't attracted to pregnant me.

Ever since I've grown my little bump, there's been less and less going on in the bedroom. The bigger I've gotten, the more we've had to change up how it's done, but there's no more foreplay, unless he's getting a full on BJ with nothing for me in return. "It" doesn't even stay up for us to do anything anymore. So...I've been super self conscience and feel super duper unattractive while he takes care of himself when I'm gone, which leaves me feeling even more like shit. I've tried to wear sexy clothes, undress in front of him in a way that would usually make him want me like crazy...everything. for nothing. I talked to him about it and the only thing he said was that he was going to try tonight but bringing it up was a super turn off for him so it's not happening. 3 weeks with not even a touch. I don't know what to do! Anyone else going through this or something similar?