my stomach is ROCKED rn. :(

So recently on like Tuesday i ate this sandwich and it fucked up my stomach. Throwing up, the runs, the whole nine. It went away by Wednesday night thankfully. Thursday was my prom but i still had the runs so i took this pill to keep it in check so i didnt shit myself at prom ya know😭 but now im literally fucking constipated i've been eating but i havent like fully shitted since thursday night when i got home.
That leaves me reeling a bit bc it was after i took the pill. So i know its not the pill thats blocking my ass up. I feel bloated i feel like theres a whole bunch of gas trapped in my stomach and whenever i feel like i gotta fart i go for the toilet cuz i think its shit and i cant even fart. It literally just comes down and then shifts back up into my stomach. I'm a little scared and i just want my digestive tract to go back to normal so i can actually eat without being scared of the consequences🤷🏾‍♀️
Does anybody know wtf is wrong with me? Or should i go to the doctor?