Some people shock me...(rant)

Annelise • 24. Married. I have a 2 year old and 1 year old sons.
I have 2 aquantinces that tend to ask me a lot of questions about pregnancy because I'm 34weeks an they just found out they are pregnant. Now I try very very hard to just give straight answers n not my opinion to their questions. But it's getting kinda hard because some of the crap they ask an what they are posting on fb. One of then since telling me they were pregnant but no one else knows have posted on fb about smoking people up. Everyone has their opinion on weed but to me this is very immature and I find it worse because her bf is in jail. Like is she really not worried about having her baby taken away? She was asking me what they do for her first appt. I told her most likely just confirm the pregnancy with either urine or hcg test. She flipped out saying they can't drug test her unless she gives permission. I then had to explain hcg is hormones in the blood -__- she then asked me a few other questions and miscarriages got brought up. She said she knows she can't have a miscarriage cause they don't run in her family..... Seriously? I even asked her how educated she was about pregnancy and she says she doesn't have time to read the books and that they are stupid. She asked me her chances of having twins because her Bfs dad is a twin. I told her how one set of twins is hereditary only threw the mothers side and the other can happen to anyone. Like I am trying to help her out but some of the thing she says an asks just makes me wonder why she got pregnant in the first place. the other girls posts about drinking almost every night. She asks for sympathy from everyone because she met a guy online. Talked for a year, moved in with him before ever meeting him in person, lived with him for a month, came back home and now she's pregnant. I just don't understand people I really don't. She tells everyone she was on depo and she doesn't understand how she's pregnant and that he needs to be a man an take her back. She even asked me if me getting pregnant is why I got married. I tried not flipping out because I got married months before I got pregnant. Part of me can't even believe she's pregnant because it seems she just wants him back.