Ray jay
Background info : 
He is presently deployed and left about 3 weeks ago , we have been together 8 months.  We have talked about marriage kids etc. he flew his family across the world to meet me.  2 weeks ago I he had me go visit his family with out him because he wants his mother and I to have a good relationship (and we get along great). I'm madly in love with him.  
The problem: he get settled in on his deployment and out of no where he tells me that he isn't in love with me and that he feels bad because he knows that I love him and he doesn't love me back.  Then he says that he thinks that he and I should go back to being friends.  Then goes on to say I don't love you now but that doesn't mean I wont love you one day ... "I'm still in the fight with you " so I ask him does that me we are broken up he says no then yes then no again (I'm confused).  He tells me that he is making the best decision for us and that is for us to be friends and work on that and maybe be together in the future if he can turn him emotions on at that point. But until then he wants me to stay faithful and loyal to him. He also said that he does want the responsibility/ espectaion that comes with a relationship and that's why he want to be friends.  
I'm confused, I'm hurt, I'm mad , I'm sad ... and I just don't know what to think or do.