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2 years ago things were very bad with us but I hope this provides hope for others that not ALL relationships are doomed to fail after a rough patch. I prayed for God to fix us so many nights and just cried through it. At first I didn't see a huge difference, but slowly things started to change! We have been doing great for awhile now and he did this for me today out of complete surprise. It's like he's a different man! 😍

If you can't read the paper it says,

"I love you with all my heart babe, have a great day and tell our daughter I love her too! Love, Your Only Husband!" Emphasis on "husband." He had to make sure he let me know that he was here to stay and would be the ONLY one I would be married to haha! I love it! 😀

It's the little things, not just the big that can change the entire direction of your relationship. Remember that! ☺