Needing some answers

Jocelyn💋 • Have a wonderful life that I have to thank the Lord for❤️ have a son and expecting baby girl🌹
So I'm 14 weeks and 5 days. I have a 2 year old already. I got pregnant in August but sadly that ended in a missed miscarriage in October. I got pregnant 2 months after my miscarriage and everything is great, I've had 5 ultrasounds thru the first trimester to make sure this pregnancy was normal. Okay, so I've been noticing my uterus is feeling really sore. Like after a workout and your muscles are sore the next day, that's how my uterus feels. Is this normal? And also I'm wondering when about should I start feeling movement? I just want an idea because sometimes I feel like I am feeling the baby but at the same time I don't think it is the baby. I'm just nervous because I want that reassurence knowing my baby is okay and is till alive. Idk my hormones are off the wall today and I don't see my baby doctor til the 30th! Anything would be helpful🌹