Time is drawing near. anyone else?

36+1 today. Freaked out when I see my home screen telling me there's 27 days left. I've been having mild period cramps for about two weeks now. On Saturday it became much worse and by 5 am Sunday morning I couldn't sleep from the pain. Literally felt like heavy period. The kind that would usually have me popping ibuprofen. Sunday morning at around 10 am I started getting bad cramps in my back. Which got worse along with the period pains and along with random sharp spasms that would last mere seconds. Started to freak out cause I was wondering if baby is trying to escape. Went back to work and by 3 pm I was okay again. Period cramps have been on and off since then. Back cramps are gone. Have very lose bowels and a huge appetite. Yesterday I felt intense pressure in my feet and legs. Almost like they're were numb. Also feels like my butt ia gonna fall out every time I stand up. Moving around has become sooo uncomfortable. Two more weeks left at work. Seriously can't wait to not deal with that. Going to visit the delivery hospital for the first time today and hope to get a tour of the room and check out the whole process. Also hoping to get checked for any signs of dilation seeing that I've had such bad cramps. 4 am right now and can't sleep.Ā 
I visited a friend who has a two week old son. First time ever to see such a young human. The thing that literally has me excited most is seeing my baby's tiny toes and fingers. I couldn't stop looking at how small his were.Ā 
Good luck to all July mommies. Home stretch. We can do this! And then we get to see tiny toes and fingers šŸ˜šŸ˜