sex dreams about my ex😱I'm married

so I've been married for 5 years to a wonderful man😘the man of my dreams. I met two years after breaking up with my ex husband, my daughters father. My ex cheating on me with every woman that will have him plus men. I divorced him because of that plus the mental abuse.

But what I don't understand is why the fu##ck I keep having dreams about my ex. I know I don't want him, I will never have sex with him again. I had one last night of him giving me oral sex and we had sex doggy style 😱 I woke up in tears because even though there dreams I feel like I'm cheating, I feel yucky and nasty🙁 I'm a heavy dreamer day and night and my sex dreams be about my husband or Bruno mars😱.

I'm so confused right now and feels shitty. I'm scared to tell my husband even though they are dreams idk what to do.

Help glow it might sounds crazy or dumb but I keep having them to where I wake up super wet like I've had an orgasm 😵