6w2d US no baby or yolk sac?!? 😨

Nova • 24 Years Old. 2 1/2 yr old Daughter.

Okay so the other day I had a transvaginal ultrasound because I was in the ER for one sided cramping(no bleeding).

They said everything was fine and it wasn't eptopic. Well when the tech did the ultrasound she only saw the sac no yolk or baby... my HCG levels were 4657. And they said everything looked normal for how far along I am....

Shouldn't they have been able to at least see the yolk though?

Has anyone experienced only seeing the gestational sac at 6 weeks?

I have 12 more days before my next ultrasound where I will be 8w2d... I am praying that my little Blueberry will be there :(

Also since my ER visit my boobs have stopped hurting and I'm not nauseous anymore.. I'm worried.