Fiancee issues help :'(


I was just at his house last week.. He was acting weird.. Not showing me much attention like he usually does. Played his video games more & texted him baby mom WAY more than speaking or interacting with me.

Comes to find out .. I asked of it was someone else . he said its complicated.. I said do u have feelings for her? When u talk to me about her i hear your voice.. I seen texts of him calling her princess.

He said this he wants to be with me but feels weird bc shes trying to make way back into his life. Shes also pregnant with someone elses baby.

How am i suppose to cope with this ? He feels weird towards me talks to me like a friend .. Called me babe ONCE all day.. But i know hes talking to her right now the way he should be talking to me. I love him so much.. I know what i deserve but its so hard to let him go. I just cant keep crying everyday & be depressed. Like i will lose him if it keeps being like this ..