Baby Shower!

I could careless if we have one or not. But our family and friends are encouraging/pushing us to have one just to have a party. Being Laotian, we use every excuse just to have a party. So my dad gave me $3000 and a list on where the money goes to for the baby shower ($1,500 on beer, liquor, and non alcoholic beverages/$1,200 on food/$300 on decors, plates, utensils, etc) My brother in law has a band and they offer to play for free. And I have nieces that offer their services. They are crazy and we are overwhelmed!!! Husband and I work full time and have a 6 year old (not biologically his), so by the end of the day we are drained. Should I go on a plan a babyshower for our family and friends or should I declined and upset them? They all look forward to our baby because my husband is a twin, the youngest of the family, and this is his first baby. So I guess it's a big deal to them. I am lost and don't know what to do!