Little surprise of the night... 😊😊

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I have to brag on my sweet, amazing man for a second. We had a miscarriage back in December. While the pregnancy itself was unplanned and COMPLETELY bad timing, we did get a little excited for the short time we knew we were pregnant. Β So the miscarriage was a huge blow to us, but we kind of coped knowing that it just wasn't the right time. (It never really is, but, this was horrible timing.) As a woman it doesn't matter if the pregnancy was unplanned; we bond. It opens up that feeling/desire/total NEED to be a mother. I've done my absolute best to keep that desire contained and not talk about it with him;Β especially since the reason the timing was so horrible had everything to do with something my SO is going through (and myself by association/love). But he takes note. Even when he should be completely wrapped up in "the issue" he's dealing with, he still wants me to be happy. It's no promise and were not promised an easy ride this go 'round, but knowing he's willingly by my side makes it that much better. I love this man with all my heart and soul. I swear I look at him and instantly see the next 70 years of my life. He still gives me butterflies by just looking at me. He's the love I never thought existed.Β