My car paint is scratched and I get yelled at by the people who did it???

Lauren • Married ♡ Not ttc.

I was sitting in my car yesterday after a bad day, on the phone, I've been sick for 2 weeks, I'm under a lot of stress at work and my new dog was being a psycho at the park, so we were sitting in the car for a break.

When a family pulls up beside me. Long story short, the kid slams his door into my car. His mom/sister whatever, quietly scolds him, so I know she knew he did it.

I get out, still on the phone, look at a chunk of paint missing, (I have a custom paint job) & turn to see the family walking away. So I say to the person on the phone, they're walking away, I'm hanging up to take a picture of their plates, I hang up and say "you're just going to walk away? You aren't even going to apologize?"

Well Oh my Gosh. That woman turned on me and just went off. "Excuse me? You're taking pictures of my plates? For what?" I was like "You. Hit. My. Car. With your door. & walk away like it didn't happen." She goes "he's a child. He was afraid. He didn't know what to do." I was like " You're an adult and you knew he did it and pretended he didn't." So she yells at me. For like 5 minutes. Then walks away. The dad or boyfriend whatever, stayed back and said he was sorry, until she yelled at him. I called the police department (not 911) to get the proper procedure to follow, which was notify my insurance company, get their tags etc. So I left a note on her car saying, I called the police and reported them, I took pictures of the tags/cars/doors, and that I'm reporting it to my insurance company and that if she had simply apologized for messing up my paint job, instead of being so rude, I would have driven away. But because she had such a terrible attitude, I called the police to report the incident, and if she had handled it better I wouldn't have. (Which I technically did but not to get them in trouble, just to get information)

So how did I get yelled at. They messed up my paintjob, and then walked away after they saw me get out of my car, without even a simple apology. Is an apology too much to ask for? I would have dropped the whole thing, but she was so rude and downright disrespectful that I wanted her to learn a lesson. Is that wrong??