Need some help (kinda long)

So this guy and I had a thing we didn't date, he thought the 2 year age difference was weird. So we decided to not put a label on it we hung out a couple times and even had sex. Then one day outta the blue, he randomly stopped texting me. I would try to text him and he'd just ignore it. So I was hurt. I found out her got a girlfriend his own age and talked to my best friend all about (wasn't supposed to tell anyone about the sex) well a couple weeks ago he just recently started talking to me again (his gf started dating his friend and he told me all about, thinking I could comfort him probably?) Well then he found out I told my friend and got really mad at me. But we talked things out and the other day we hung out. He kept saying We're just friends with benefits you know that right. And don't get mad if I don't always talk to you. It's been a week and he hasn't texted me. I tried talking to him but he was just short or ignored me. It makes me feel bad like he doesn't really care..