American food

Ok, I mean to offence by this post, buying from the uk and traveled to America ( New York) for the week, this city is amazing and I really enjoyed the sight seeing, but jesussss
Where do I begin on the food..
Let me just say when at home I eat healthy mon- fri and at the weekend I eat sooo much food lol
But the food in America Me and my boyfriend found was wayyyy to salty and greesy like eating it I was heaving, and I'm not being dramatic, maybe I'm not used to the food but I do eat a lot of crap back home. My stomach and generally how I felt after eating it made me feel like throwing up, everything tasted processed and I tried both fast food places and restaurants - gross, I don't know how people eat it, was on the internet when I came home reading and watching documentaries on food in America and honestly watch what your eating, the stuff that is put into your food is solely killing you and I'm not being sarcastic when I say this!