Clingy or no? Too much?

My boyfriend have I been together for about 5 months. And I've notice he's been a little different. Awhile back we had an argument and he said he needed time to himself (as where we don't hang out so much) & I'm ok with it I felt like it was beginning to be too much seeing each other everyday. He has two girls two different mothers I have two kids boy & a girl from the same guy. I don't tlk to my kids father bc we no longer get along. My boyfriend still has contact with his ex's & like any guy would always have something negative to say about them. I wouldn't care bc I didn't know them & I didn't care when he go see his kids. Anyways he would never have a password on his phonev& would Say he didn't have anything to hide I've never been through his phone nor I don't want to but NOW he has a password he's constantly looking at his phone like he's waiting on something and not even that his phone is always face down and he use to not care about it dying when we hanged out now he freaks out needing it to be charged. & just a lot I've noticed could there be somebody else? Maybe his ex? Or am I overreacting getting too attached to this guy. Help!