Faking it


This morning I was getting dressed for work and I put on these high waisted shorts and a crop top I thought was going to look sooo cute . But when I put it on I thought of my pudg when I sit and asked my mom and she said it looked bad and it made me sad and upset. I didn't even want to go anywhere cause I felt gross . I don't know but every once in a while I hate my baby face or something. I knew I had to work so I put on some bright make up and this shirt that says " caffeine and confidence " and left the house. Normally I don't wear all this makeup but I needed to be reminded that I'm a queen! And that no one cares about my baby face or what I wear.

I want others to read this when their insecure and know that your mind is just messing with you and to just be happy. Put on something u love and strut your stuff!

Even if u don't feel your best , try and smile and act like the badass you want to be and you'll realize you already are.