I'm late by all accounts ):

I'm irregular but if I go by shortest cycle I'd be 16 days late today, average cycle I'd be 11 days late, longest cycle I'd be exactly a week late today. . . Took a FRER this morning because well besides being late, I have all this nausea, indigestion, fatigue, sore nips, pelvic cramps, headaches and the occasional fluttery feeling in my abdomen. I'm seeing an OBGYN in 3 days but I feel like it's useless. I've never been this late tho, I've never missed a period either and I'm so emotional naturally because I'm bipolar but for the past week I've been even more crabby than usual and have been snapping at everyone, even my nephew who's just 3. I've never been like this. And it's so confusing. I just want answers already,  if I'm not pregnant then where is AF and why do I feel all these things?? ;^;