Found out I had PCOS.. TODAY.

Breanne • Mommy to an Angel in Heaven. Had my rainbow baby 🌈 on September 23rd 😍
I'm naturally thin.. 5 ft 7. 130 pounds... so the thought never crossed anyone's mind I had pcos.. but I knew something was wrong.. finally today *with an amazing doctor walking me through everything* we have found out I really do have pcos.. he has put me on metformin.. which I started this morning.. is this something you all take? Is it beneficial? Once I finally get my period he wants me back on the 4th day of it. Where he might put me on clomid? As well.. this is all so new to me. I researched online.. and I talked with family and friends. I just need a support group to help me through this... before I bawl my eyes out. Any suggestions that might help me get myself on track so I can conceive..please or if you want to vent about having pcos.. please do.