Baby doesn't want solid food, help!

My little one is almost one and she has not been wanting to eat real food. I can get her to eat baby food most of the time, but I've tried solid food in tiny pieces and she will not eat it. If I even manage to put it in her mouth she just let's it sit there and acts uncomfortable or gags. I see babies younger then her eating real food so well and feeding themselves. I'm not sure what else to do. I've tried different things. She will eat the yogurt melts sometimes but I tried the puffs today to try to get her to chew and she had a hard time and almost choked so I stopped. She just wants milk and I know that is going to have to stop soon. Please don't make me feel worse then I already do, this is my first and I'm just struggling. I can't force her to eat it, and it scares me when she gags. So if you have any tips please help me. I need it.