Can't get baby to sleep at decent hour-HELP

My little girl is almost one, when she was younger she would fall asleep around 8 or 9 and did awesome. But the past couple of months have been far different. I try to not let her nap late in the day because that definitely keeps her up later. But even with 2 earlier daytime shorter naps she still stays up until after 11. My poor husband is so exhausted because he works early. She has a crib in our room right now but I plan on moving it to her room after her birthday. I know you should just lay them down and let them cry until they go to sleep but I can't do that. Like I said my husband gets up early and even if she was in her room it would keep him up. If you have any tips please help me. I'm desparate. It's hurting me and my husband because now we don't get that alone time at night because she stays up so late.