Glyburide and Sun!!! help!

Megan • MC: 5-17-15:: Lap-7-26-16: Endo warrior. DD born July 2017 🙌🏼💞 DD#2 Due June 2019
So tomorrow is my best friends bachelorette party. I'm the MOH, needless to say at 33 weeks pregnant with all these complications it has been insane and I can't wait until it's over and off my shoulders! Love her to death and she deserves the best hence why I've kick my ass for months planning. 
I started this week needing to take a low dose of Glyburide for fasting numbers but it's says to stay away from long exposure to sun.. well tomorrow after the spa it's a pool day and I'm stressing out on how bad this makes your skin? Does anyone know? I obviously will wear sun screen and take shade as much as I can! I just don't want anymore issues. I already won't be spending the night at the hotel now because of GD and the constant eating schedules and meds I have to take. I'll be there all morning and night through dinner. 
Any advice or help is appreciated!!!