How long were you in pre-labor before you went into active labor? I know every pregnancy is different and there is no way to tell (I know that already) but I'm just curious how long some of y'all had yalls symptoms. I've been having diarrhea and loose stools for two weeks now, nausea, it seems like I can't stand for 20mins without beginning to cramp, and I wake up like clock work every two hours at night to lower back pain that feels like menstrual pain. my stomach constantly feels like there's pressure but water and relaxing don't help the contractions and it always in my back so it's definitely not BH. so I finally went to the ER yesterday and I had two contractions on the monitor but I didn't feel them so she wasn't concerned. They gave me fluids and sent me home. How long did this last for y'all before going into labor? I have an OB app on Monday I'm going to have them check my cervix. Any advice or people that has the same thing happen?? I'm 32 wks on Sunday by the way