Swallowed something

My 9 month old has gotten hurt more this week than in his entire life. Now we were playing in his room earlier and he was crawling around on the floor. I didn't see him pick anything up, but he started doing a kinda chewy motion with his mouth. I tried open it to look, but he knew what I was doing and has had a runny nose, so he's been really annoyed by me touching his face. After a couple seconds he stopped and had his mouth open and I didn't see anything. Like maybe a minute later he starts gagging. I turned him around and patted his back and he threw up twice. But a couple minutes later he started doing it again and threw up another couple times.

The only thing I can think it was is maybe a chunk of dog hair (we have a golden retriever) or maybe a piece of the carpet. He seems fine now though. Should I be worried? I'm almost 99% sure those are the only things it could be. 🙁 I'm guessing if it was hair that wouldn't go down very easily and maybe that's why he kept gagging because it was stuck to his throat?

**Update: it was a piece of a leaf. I found it in his diaper this morning.