Husband VENT

Sorry ladies I need to vent somewhere before I explode 😰 Ugh I know at 35+2 I'm super hormonal but my husband just threw me over the edge 😡. I have biophysicals twice a week since 29 weeks was at the doctor today then ran errands for my sons 2nd birthday party tomorrow came home and literally cleaned from top to bottom.  On top of all that I took the garbage out that I asked my husband to do 5x, put baby clothes bins and other items back in the attic that I've been asking my husband to do for over a month, did laundry, and tended to my son.  My mom took my son out for an hour and a half so I could finish up what I needed to do.  My husband gets home from work and sits on the couch and wouldn't do anything.  I asked him to help out with my  son while I was finishing some stuff and he basically said no he wants you.  Then I made the mistake of asking him to take the diapers out he leaves them stinking by the door so there I go taking them out myself.  All while feeling like crap bc I've been on my feet all day have a ton of pressure and every part of me hurts. He doesn't get why I'm mad.  Um I'm mad bc your so friggen lazy!!!!! Ugh men I swear 😳