I have a fever

Tiffany • Had my first on April 9th 2015.
I was sleepy this morning since I never am able to get enough sleep at night so I was trying to take naps. I started to feel real miserable midday and then even worse. Achey all over. Cannot get comfy. At about 430pm i checked my temp because my face was hot. It was 99.2. It is 8:45pm now and I check it constantly. Keeps changing from 98.9-99.3. I am 38 weeks and 3days. I have Braxton Hicks maybe like every hour of the day or less. I havent lost my mucus plug. Everytime I go pee and stand up it just aches down there. My hips flippin hurt. Am I just getting sick or is my body just having some sort of reaction because I am getting closer? I haven't been around anyone sick so it seems odd.