doesnt want to tell his parents 😫

so it's the first time I speak out about this on public but seeing that I can put myself anonymously.... it's a breath of fresh air. Anyways so my son is now 11 months and will be turning 1 on the 12th of July. Now my sons dad is 23 years old and STILL hasn't told his parents about our son which yes I know sounds terrible and which it really is. As you should know that from the beginning I knew he wasn't going to step up and say anything so I decided... why have this man in our lives if he is already hiding what's suppose to be his pride and joy (our son)... this just proves to me that he's not the one nor the one for my son. So I made the decision and didn't put him on the papers. I wanted to show him that our son and I didn't need his money nor him. We are doing perfect money wise and everything. Around 6 months his dad and I started talking again, we talked about everything marriage, getting a house together and all that package on one condition that he tells his parents and he gets to papers and start signing. At this point in my head everything is going well and he's gonna step up and tell his family... well a few months after we got into a heated argument and he splurged out that he wasn't EVER going to tell his parents. But the thing is I'm attached to him now and I can't seem to get enough of him, I feel emotionally tied down. And broken.... I have absolutely no idea where to head with my decisions.... this is just me telling my complicated ass story and to let some anger and sadness off my shoulders