found a guy who loves my body!!

I had the most amazing date yesterday afternoon. I was really nervous because he's super good looking and fit. So I thought I wasn't pretty enough for him and that I was to big. Plus I was bullied my whole life for be bigger than other girls and have always felt fat and ugly because I wasn't a size two. However, any insecurities I had, flew out the window! He made me feel like I was the most beautiful girl in the world! He said I had a perfect body and said I was beautiful any chance he got. He kept staring at my eyes and I said I just can't stop looking at you! By the time the date was over I felt like I was on cloud nine and felt so good about my self. I now know that not all guys want a stick for a girlfriend lol! 
PS: just wait ladies if if you haven't come across a man like that yet. You will at some point, you just have to wait and see.
PPS: when did a man/women ever make yourself feel beautiful and proud to be a plus size women?