I'm jealous for no reason?!

I have been in a relationship with my SO for almost a year now. I'm also pregnant with his child. I trust him and love him a lot of course but I feel really protective or jealous for no reason? He's the same way kinda. But it's making me worry about how insecure I've gotten. I don't like him going anywhere with out me I don't like him even looking at girls or talking to them. I know some of you will judge and say I'm crazy and I honestly feel like I am. He's never done anything to break our trust, he used to delete convos with girls before but I don't think he'd cheat. I cry sometimes about how insecure and jealous I am. I have dreams every night of him cheating or something. Please tell me I'm not crazy and it's horomones, I've never been this jealous for no reason. Advice please😔