He's Here Zion Nasier Franklin 6/22/17❤️❤️❤️

It was a very long day for us omg but well worth it when I seen his little face! Here is our birth story. Woke up to head to be induced at 5am for my 6am induction got to the hospital at  about 5:50 and got place ironically in the same room I had delivered my now 15mth old daughter in. I was then hooked up and given an IV and the pitocin drip was started about 7am. My midwife came in once I hit 4cm which I was already a 3.5 when I walked in...she then broke my water at 8:20 and contractions were getting stronger but not showing on the monitor smh. I was in lots of pain by 10:30 because they had increased the pit at 9:30. The nurse checked me at 10:30 and no progress and only a few contractions were picking up on the monitor 😩. Around 12pm the pain was unbearable and I had a major migraine so they gave me pain meds throw my IV that is also in the epidural to combat both pains because the anesthesiologist was in surgery. At first the medication was a god send but then I got the worse itch all over and felt like I was going to dig holes in my skin from scratching. Called the nurse and they freaked me out because they said it was basically a epi and I might not be able to get one because I was having an allergic reaction which had never happened with my other pregnancies I was confused. Meanwhile my SO and daughter were in and out the entire time as she was getting restless just waiting for mama to have her brother. He came in as they were telling me about it and he was nervous for me asking all types of questions about pain management while delivering if I couldn't get the epi and they didn't know how to answer his questions which baffled me. They then called my midwife and she gave me benedryl for the itching and it went away thank god and I was checked one more time at about 1:30 and Still only a 4. They tried to see if they could manipulate my cervix to open wider which it did but as soon as she moved her hand it closed again 😫. By this time I asked if she could put the order in for the epi so if the doc said it was ok even with me having that reaction I could get it as soon as he got out of the OR he could head to me and she did. About 30min later her and the doc walked in to give me the Epi never been more relieved because I was in pain trying not to scream and such because I didn't want my baby girl freaking out too. Epi was given around 2:30 and I was relieved and able to get a little rest. They then upped the drip every 30min and a nurse finally moved the monitor around on my belly to pick up the contractions better and we struck gold...they were constantly coming but baby was not liking it and oxygen had to be given and the drip had to be stopped a few times and still no progress at 5pm I was so scared I was going to have to have a C-section.  My SO figured he would take our baby girl and go home for a quick nap and let the dogs out as the nurses informed us it will be awhile before he would be making his grand entrance and it was safe to say he wouldn't miss anything so he left around 5:10 or so and the nurse continued the drip and put a large peanut ball between my legs turned me and I went to sleep. At about 6:10 my SO facetimed me as he had just woke from his nap and getting my baby girl up from hers so she could eat and head back up to the hospital. I laid their watching tv for another 30min and felt sever pressure on my bottom I called my SO to ask where he was and he was around the corner from the hospital and I told him plz hurry I think I feel pressure but idk right then the nurse walked in because she was seeing all the action on the monitor she asked me how I was feeling and I was like Im pretty sure his head is peaking out down there my SO screamed Noooo baby wait daddy's coming I'm in the parking lot and he hung up. The nurse moved the ball and sure enough his head was right there and she had to hold him in with one hand and call my Midwife and other nurses with the other baby was not trying to wait anymore! They all came running in and getting things together and SO still hadn't made up yet! I was crying because I knew he would miss it but I couldn't wait anymore....my midwife said ok mama with the next contraction push and He came flying through the door and just so happened I had a contraction pushed and his head was out another two pushes and he was here at 6:52pm. It was a very long stressful day but we made it through and he is so adorable. 5lbs 8oz 19inches